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Circular Connectors & their trends

Circular connectors have a wide spectrum of applications in sectors ranging from medical and military technology to electronics and energy technology. These connectors are cylindrical, multi-pin electrical connectors that help in connecting electrical devices, transmit electrical signals, and transmit data.  See Linkages have been in the industry for significant amounts of time and have been...

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COVID-19 Safety Procedures For Businesses - COVCARE

The nation is witnessing an unlock phase with restrictions being lifted. Many organizations have resumed their daily work routines and are also less cautious about the issue. India has touched 8,912,907 coronavirus cases leading to 131,031 deaths, as per The majority of the companies have given remote working options to their employees, while some have requested their employees t...

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How To Check The Conditions Of Your Suspension Ball Joints

Ball joints are suspension components found in the majority of vehicles. These joints are flexible joints that facilitate the movement of the suspension components in a full 360 degree. The 360-degree movement includes the joints moving up and down and also sideways. The ball joints manufactured at SEE Linkages are designed to effectively facilitate this movement without any hassles.   The ...

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Hidden Dangers of Hand Sanitizers

With the effects of Covid-19, we are more attentive to hand hygiene than ever before. The sales of hand sanitizing products have boomed over the last six months, and it's almost unimaginable to enter a store without having to get your hands sanitized before entry. Nowadays, alcohol is the most widely used ingredient in sanitizers, either in the form of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. The sugg...

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What Happens When You Ride With Bad Ball Joints

Mechanical parts are prone to damages and require constant maintenance or replacement. Ball joints come under the same blanket and can cause serious damages if not replaced when damaged. Ball joints are mechanical linkages that connect the wheels of the car to the suspension system, facilitating them to move together. The component is a spherical bearing that is placed in a mechanical socket. They...

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