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All about Ball joints and their purpose

A ball joint is a mechanical connector that allows the connection of the car wheels to the suspension system facilitating their movement together. The joints act as a pivot ensuring proper movement of the parts. Since ball joints are mechanical parts, they are prone to wear and tear. These wear and tears are the results of driving along uneven or bumpy roads.  Broken ball joints are a seriou...

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Hand Sanitizers : Fact or Fiction?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers perform an important role in keeping us healthy, especially during this pandemic season. Practising good hand hygiene like washing hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is one of the simplest and most effective methods to stay healthy. There are numerous misconceptions about alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and we take this opportunity to h...

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History and types of Rod End Bearings

  The rod end bearings are known as rose joints in the United Kingdom and as heim joints in the United States. It is a mechanical joint that features a ball-like swiveling tip. It was initially used in aircraft control systems in Germany during the period of 1930s to 1940s. H.G. Heim Company patented the bearing to produce its own.   Rod end bearings are one of the most commonly used ...

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Studies show that adding hand sanitizers at any location will reduce the chance of contracting an illness by 20 percent. People who use the hand sanitizer at least five times a day are nearly 67 percent less likely to fall sick. A germ-free environment can be maintained with a hand sanitizer dispenser. Hand sanitizers are gels that contain alcohol to kill bacteria present on our hands. Alcohol-bas...

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Importance of Hand Sanitizers at Workplace

Did you know that NCBI’s report reveals that an annual loss of around $260 billion was incurred due to productivity loss subjecting to illness? Workplace hygiene is a very critical factor when it comes to the company’s productivity. A clean workplace is a safe workplace. An employee's workday includes activities like drafting a report, opening and closing doors, or even shaking hands with a cl...

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